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Workers compensation – Sporting or social activity

Sporting or social activity

[2015] NSWCCPD 8 NSW Police Force v Faccin (the R police officer was injured in a rugby match for his regional police team in the Police Association competition – “the appellant did not provide financial assistance with respect to participation in the match and .. Mr Faccin was off duty at the time of the injury. Mr Faccin had not sought permission or approval from his superior … Mr Faccin came to play in the match by reason of an invitation given by a fellow police officer who represented the Association which was affiliated with the Police Sports Council. Mr Faccin qualified for that invitation by reason of the fact that he was himself a serving police officer in the relevant geographical region with which the team was associated and identified. It is open to inference that Mr Faccin’s participation in the match was relevantly encouraged by the appellant given: the appellant’s acceptance of the existence of the Association and its activities; its permission to use the police insignia; the participation of senior officers in the Association including the appointment of such an officer as patron and, significantly in my view, the Association is affiliated with the Police Council of Sport” @74-75 – injury found to have occurred in the course of employment and employment was a substantial contributing factor)