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Kidd's Law Publications

  • Annotated Fair Work Act, unfair dismissal law, motor and traffic law, personal injury law and more
  • Practical, comprehensive & very reasonably priced
  • User friendly and author personally available to liaise with customers
  • *Valuable resources freely provided in Product Previews on this site. See also About Us – Blog below where recent cases of interest noted.

Unfair Dismissal Law

Kidd’s Fair Work Law & Annotated Act

  • Keep track of Fair Work Commission decisions
  • Unfair dismissal, termination of employment, and redundancy
  • *A year’s worth of current material freely provided in product preview
  • Updates published weekly and quarterly
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Personal Injury Law

Kidd’s Damages Australia (Personal Injury & Defamation)

  • Assessments of Australian damages cases
  • Rapidly identify relevant precedents and principles for PI damages
  • Available in Loose-Leaf and Electronic Formats
  • Weekly or Quarterly updates
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Motor and Traffic Law

Kidd & Darge’s Traffic Law

  • Precedents and principles in Australian traffic law
  • Emphasis on Liability and Apportionment
  • Published in Loose-Leaf and Electronic Formats
  • Updates published weekly or quarterly
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Fair Work Law

Kidd’s Fair Work Law and Annotated Act provides wide coverage of the Fair Work Commission decisions with a special focus on redundancy and unfair dismissal law. This annotated Fair Work Act (plus related legislation) and general workplace relations legal resource will save users real time and money, and will be a valuable addition to the library of anyone dealing with industrial relations issues.


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Motor and Traffic Law

Kidd’s Traffic Law includes a wide coverage of Australian motor and traffic law cases with a special focus on liability, apportionment and sentencing. The print and electronic publications are comprehensively indexed allowing the user to find cases of relevance for a given motor accident or motor offence scenario in seconds.


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Personal Injury Law

Kidd’s Damages Australia (Personal Injury and Defamation) is an efficient, practical and value for money legal research tool that allows users to quickly research the precedents and principles for assessing personal injury damages in Australia. It provides assessment summaries by injury for all states and territories and it annotates legislation state by state.

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Industrial and OHS Law

Commonwealth & South Australian Industrial & OHS Law has been used by South Australian Lawyers and industrial advocates for almost 20 years and saves real time and money by allowing them to find relevant precedents quickly and easily. The publication is the premier source of comparative sentencing cases for Occupational Health and Safety breaches in South Australia.

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All our legal publications (except the industrial ones which are electronic only) are available as digital downloads or in loose-leaf formats. Updates are published quarterly for both formats and weekly e-updates are also available for both.

We Do the Research For You

  • Don’t waste time searching elsewhere for relevant precedents.
  • Our products are highly organised and comprehensively and logically indexed.
  • Regular updates means our research is both relevant, timely, and useful.
  • The E-Versions are electronically bookmarked allowing full searches in just seconds.
  • Preview each of our products online without obligation

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