Guide to South Australian Workers' Compensation Law

A frequently updated loose-leaf and electronic publication that includes:

  • Organised case summaries
  • Comprehensive case annotations to legislation
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South Australian Workers Compensation Law

For about twenty years Kidd’s Guide to South Australian Workers Compensation Law has assisted lawyers, self-insurers and claims agents find relevant precedents for giving accurate and timely advice, negotiating settlements, formulating submissions for the Tribunal and deciding claims. The vast amount of well organised case summaries, quotations, and case annotations to the legislation have meant that even relatively inexperienced practitioners in this area have been able to navigate efficiently through the minefield of relevant law with its various legislative amendments/regimes. For many new to South Australian workers’ compensation law, this publication has averted many hours of uncertainty and drudgery. Further, the practitioner experienced in South Australian Workcover law can’t always be expected to remember every relevant case and does not need to when such can be found in seconds using this product. This loose-leaf and e-publication has successfully adapted with the changing legislation and has recently been appropriately adapted in light of major change to South Australian Workers Compensation law from July 2015 in the form of the Return to Work Act 2014.

Coverage of substantive and procedural issues

The following list of headings from the service shows that both substantive and procedural issues are noted and appropriately indexed and that attention to detail is a concern of the author:

Abuse of process, Adjacent or related injuries, Agoraphobia, Anorexia nervosa, Arising out/in course of employment, Car park injury, Costs (28 sub-headings), Dependents, ‘Duties’ of employment, Extra-territorial issues, Medical Panels (34 sub-headings), Partnerships, Sporting or social activity, Stay order … The Act, Regulations and Tribunal Rules are all annotated.

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Return to Work Act 2014

Due to the importance under the new South Australian workers compensation scheme of worker’s injuries reaching certain thresholds such as 30% Whole Person Impairment (WPI), perhaps more attention than ever before will need to be given to medical assessment issues. The next stage of this publication’s evolution has involved organising assessment precedents from South Australia and interstate in such a way to help users make more informed decisions as to likely WPI assessments. Common law claims have been introduced for serious injury claims. Kidd’s Damages South Australia and Kidd’s Damages Australia will provide all those who practice in this jurisdiction the guidance they need should the 30% WPI threshold be reached.

The comprehensive table of contents in the product preview will show you why this publication needs to be in every law library, especially the libraries of every Workcover lawyer, self-insurer and claims agent.

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Advantages of E-version

Having access to the full decisions and legislation at the press of a button saves valuable time, not to mention time spent filing the print version. The user will find the search system of the e-version the easiest and most efficient they’ve ever used. Mastering it takes less than five minutes training and such training can be done over the phone.

Updates and Pricing

The product is updated quarterly for $900 p.a. (loose-leaf) and $800 p.a. (e-version). Weekly e-updates are included on request. The service can also be purchased as a one-off. Email for pricing of one-off purchases.
Or contact the author directly on 0408 802212 E-access will be granted immediately and an invoice sent with 28 days to pay.