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Fair Work law – Dismissal for out of hours conduct

Dismissal – Out of hours conduct – groping waitress

Catanzariti J, ‘Termination For Domestic Violence Considered Unfair’ (2013) 51(1) Law Society Journal 50

Ruskin N & Kennedy M, ‘Out of Hours Conduct – When is it a Workplace Issue?’ (2013) 16(4) IHC 53

[2015] FWC 506 WA Applicant v Employer (whilst staying at a hotel the employer regularly booked for its workers, A, after work hours, was drinking with co-workers and groped a waitress causing her distress – A did not fully admit to his conduct – such behaviour affected his relationship with his employer – he also had a previous warning for damaging property at the hotel – dismissal not harsh etc)

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