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Electronic Lodgement Issues Leading to Extension of Time

Electronic Lodgement Issues Leading to Extension of Time
[2019] FWC 279 SA Walte v Maylands Dental Trust (“The reasons for the delay was the belief by Ms Waltke that her application had been lodged in time and that the delivery failure email went to her spam file and was unknown to her. Upon becoming aware of that information Ms Waltke promptly lodged her application. Ms Waltke has explained the delay” @17 – extension granted)

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“I’m finding your annotated FWAct very useful!

I use Kidd’s annotated Fair Work Act regularly to advise clients on a whole range of employment law issues. It’s really helpful when I need to see whether there has been case law on particular provisions of the Act. I also used it last year as a basis for my research for an appeal to the Full Bench of the Fair Work Commission. It is very comprehensive and neatly summarises the case law that has dealt with each section of the Act. I find it a really helpful resource and definitely recommend it.”

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